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ANTI-CORPOS "Forma pratica de luta" 7"EP

BEYOND PINK - new album "Against the universe" LP



Anti-Corpos cover 

#034 ANTI-CORPOS "Forma pratica de luta" 7"EP

Following their debut 7" and European Tour from last year, ANTI-CORPOS strikes back with new release and next tour. New 7" contains eight intense fast and tight songs with political feminist message. It's still full on rage but this release can show how band developing their own sound and make it even more powerful than before.
This is a co-release between Emancypunx Records (Europe) and No Gods No Masters Records (South America).

Pressing info:

70 copies, special limited version with the bag and screen printed poster, clear vinyl
40 copies, clear vinyl, regular cover
210 copies black vinyl

Track list:

Side A:
1.Polícia Genocída
2.Não Passarão

Side B:
2.Aos Machos
3.Abuso: Um fenomeno Patriarcal
4.Intro Final


Beyond pink LP 2015 cover

#03 3 BEYOND PINK "Against the universe" LP

 Hardcore Punk has been questioning reality and this world full of injustice since day one. These five super-heroines from Northern Europe on their new LP are taking an even more ambitious step and taking a stand against the whole fucking universe. Armed with more metallic riffs than before, a heavier sound and traditional hardcore punk energy, they're ready to conquer the galaxy and confront theories of physics.

This disc, which they're gonna send to every part of the world and galaxy, contains 11 tracks with a message written for current and future generations.

Pressing info:
20 copies test pressing
165 copies pink vinyl
368 copies red vinyl


Track list:

Side A
1, Det här är punk
2, Fuckin paradis
3, Jag är en hund
4, Moshblock
5, Den lätte
6, Fury rising

Side B
1, Against the universe
2, Fega ur
3, Jimmie
4, Thirsty for blood
5, Krigare




#03 2 KOVAA RASVAA "En ole edes olemassa" 12"

KOVAA RASVAA is a 3/4 female and 1/4 male Hardcore Punk band started in 2009 in Turku, out of the ashes of KHATARINA. Their music is a great example that one of the most urgent, fast and loud music came out of the country of lakes, sauna and mekki. 18 tunes that everyone in to Suomi / Scandinavian Hardcore should dig. This 12" contains songs from their previous two 7"s - "Kovaa Rasvaa" and "Ikuinen Piina" and also five new unreleased tracks.

This is a co-release between Emancypunx Records with Campary Records, Racoon Records (Germany) and Demilitarized Subconscious Records (Finland) - one-time pressing of 550 copies.





#031  ANTI-CORPOS "Contra ataque" 7"EP  


ANTI-CORPOS - This intriguing name showed up as graffiti at subway stations from Sao Paulo to Berlin. After a couple of weeks of investigation, it was clear that it belonged to a new, rad all-female band from Brazil. Their music, message and attitude is nothing less than the perfect soundtrack to the annihilation of bigotry, inequality, machismo and homophobia. Influenced by the local girl-punk scene and bands like KAOS KLITORIANO and BULIMIA, as well as a long tradition of raging Brazilian HC/thrash, they're releasing their debut 7" with seven aggressive tunes.

This is a co-release between Emancypunx Records, Femur Records (Brazil), No Gods No Masters Records (Brazil) i Drink and Be Merry Records (Holland/Russia)





#030 KENNY KENNY OH OH "Kenny Kenny Oh Oh" 7"EP

Debut 7" from this all-girl bandfrom Leipzig, Germany. After plenty of shows (many of them with theirfriends from Berlin - LEVITATIONS) this piece of vinyl is coming out. Four tracks of raw and catchy punkrock, sounds like more crude andpissed off style of BOMBETTES or less fast WHITE LUNG comes to mind. This is a co-release between EmancypunxRecords and
Contraszt Records (Germany).







 Replica cover#029 REPLICA "Demo"  7"EP

The appearance of REPLICA shook the local HC scene in the Bay Area.

  The band consists of previous members of such acts as INFECT, SCHOLASTIC DETH,  NO STATIK, MURDER SUICIDE PACT, XJUD JUDX, END OF THE CENTURY PARTY or  DUCK AND COVER. Their debut demo was received with great enthusiasm and sold  out in a blink of an eye. The same story goes for the limited 7" flexi ep rerelease of the demo  on Radical Punks Never Die Records. Both are impossible to find. It would be such a loss if  this killer demo never had a chance for wider release and accessibility so here it is!  The re-release of the demo on vinyl with an additional unreleased song: a cover of  the  legendary all-girl band from Brazil, AS MERCENARIAS. This is 6-song EP of fast, pissed off, female-fronted, raging HC…all happening in less than 7 minutes.  After this release, their new 7" was released on Prank Records.



landverraad okladka

#028 LANDVERRAAD "No love for a nation" 7"EP

Debut 7" from this band from Amsterdam, Holland incl. former and current members of BETERCORE, GRINDING HALT, HYSTERIA, TYRANNICIDE, SANDCREEK MASSACRE, SLOTH and DAMAGE REPAIR. "No love for a nation" 7" contains six songs of angry and fast HC in the tradition of "Nedertrash" and with a good old "Punk is Resistance" spirit. This bands shows no love for national flags or borders, attacking murderous politics of Fortress Europe but shows their appreciation for equality and peace, funny outfits on stage and playing new version of Project X cover - this time as "Immigrant revenge". Landverraad debut 7"s is a co-release of Emancypunx Records with  Mosh Potatoes Records, Rope Or Guillotine Records, Pure Heart Records, Dzsukhell Records, Drink And Be Merry Records  and AccessxDenied Records.





#027 BEYOND PINK "Pride and prejudice"  LP 

Bright colors loving punkettes from the Crime city (aka Malmo) don't want to let you take a breath. New record is coming and with the same spirit as always in their case - it's not just a copy of the previous release. They're good with being able to escape from any sort of cliche and boredom, having good laugh on it  but still keeping a hardcore punk band to the bone. Beyond Pink are here to bring back colors to monotonous uniformed scene and they always happy to see some surprised faces around. It's 10 years on their backs now, so we can definitely say about solid unit here, but especially in the last couple of years their became very active with plen ty of shows and some important festivals around Europe and received well deserved feedback for their commitment. "Pride and prejudice" is 10 songs, sounding sometimes a little heavier than previous 12" - so there's still some fast HC songs, as well as more catchy and melodic parts and yet "Jag lever pa hoppet", a love song that will make hearts of punx in love beating faster. There's also something extra for all the boys who's coming to see The Pink in action and not just as a coatracks for their girlfriends going wild in the pit.





# 026 KAMI ADA  "Resistencia libertad"  7"EP

Resistance knows no borders. Debut 7" of the Berlin, Germany based band with international line-up of members from Colombia, Indonesia, Poland and Germany. All of them were active before in their local DIY or activist scenes and bands like SLOWA WE KRWI, ON A BAD TRIP, CORNER END or ASSAULT.  This is fast, angry political female fronted hardcore punk that confront injustice system and racist border policy of Fortress Europe in their lyrics. If you dig Los Crudos, Tragatelo, Ruidosa Inmundicia or South American polit hardcore/punk then check this band. This is a co-release between Emancypunx Records , Refuse Records, Up The Punx Records and Famed Records.



Pettybone cover#025 PETTYBONE "From desperate times comes radical minds" LP

   Pettybone were drawn together through the individual struggles they had encountered in their lives and the desire to speak up about their experiences. Their music is "the sound of the revolt"; raw, angry anddeeply emotional, taking you sonically on a journey of self-empowerment. Put more simply by the band : "what once was powerless becomes powerful and the catalyst for this change is Pettybone". Pettybone started out in the beginning of 2010 at a squat in North London. Their amalgamation of diverse music influences from DC punk/hardcore, Portland crust, 90's alternative rock/noise bands to original blues artists has created something fresh and unclassifiable, helping to break down the misconceptions people have placed on female artists.  Members of Pettybone gained their experience in bands like HELLO BASTARDS, HONOUR AMONG THIEVES or HANG THE BASTARD. Pettybone´s powerful debut album was recorded by Sam Thredder at Cro's Nest and mixed by Kurt Ballou at Godcity studios.

Tracklist Reviews




„Bring me the head of...“ split LP

The name NAKED AGGRESSION probably rings a bell or two in  hall you punk rock fans. The band from Los Angeles was formed as a music protest and manifestation against the first Persian Gulf War. Some twenty years and another Gulf war later the band continue with their direct straight-in-the-face political punk rock fronted by the charismatic Kirsten Patches. Her energy gives you faith in your own strength in the ongoing fight against social inequalities, hegemony, corruption and conservative and religious  bigots. Their a bit younger counterpart ALL OR NOTHING H.C. has been conquering the scene for the last ten years and equals their friends from Naked Aggression in terms of power on stage and  social engagement. Coming from California, the band plays energetic hardcore punk accompanied by the strong vocals of Renae Bryant. In their music they don’t hesitate to deal with social and political problems affecting us all.






Limited vinyl reissue of the album originally released as a CD and Cassette in 1999. It's one of the most important releases of the '90s Hardcore Punk scene in Poland. Zlodzieje Rowerow were known for their original song structures, well-written lyrics, and became as important for the HC punk crowd in Poland.On this LP, intelligent socially and politically aware lyrics are filled with lots of empathy and personal perspective. Songs like "Skazani na sny" ("Sentenced to Dreams"), "Jak" ("How"), "Panta rhei" as well as all the other songs on the album, prove that for the band, Hardcore equals Punk. Additionally, the emotions carried by the music are authentic and match the intensity and expressiveness of traditional hardcore punk. The song "Każdy inny wszyscy rowni" ("All Different All Equal") has become the anti-fascist anthem of this generation and was always one of the highlights of their shows. Vinyl reissue of "Emo'la" is coming out as a Double LP in an attractive gatefold cover. It contains 16 songs, including a KTO UKRADL CIASTKA cover and also a bonus track, originally released on the "New Day Rising" comp CD on Boisleve Records in France.Remastered by Smok (Post Regiment, P.E.S.D.) in As One Studio. Limited one-time pressing of 530 copies. C0-release with Refuse Records.


Tracklist  Reviews  




#023 BEYOND PINK "The New Black" 12"

The latest achievements of the Swedish girls. It´s probably their best sounding recordings so far. The new album features more melodic and catchy parts than before, influenced by Swedish own trallpunk and bands like AstaKask, Strebers or Puke. But the songs haven稚 lost their original power and anger which was characteristic for their previous albums. It's a full throttle raging Scandinavian hardcore combined with with good singalongs and 100% of girl power! Brand new 12"containing 10 songs.(2nd press available)







#022 V/A "WARSAW IS BURNING" 7" Comp. EP

One time pressing of 520 copies of the compilation with the current bands out of Warsaw, Poland: BURST IN, GOVERNMENT FLU, THE BLACK TAPES, EL BANDA and SIX PACK. Total 8 songs that appeared exclusively on this comp. Co-release with Refuse Records.











#022 BEYOND PINK"Try this at home kids" 7"EP






Scream Club Big Deal CD Cover

#020 SCREAM CLUB "Big deal" CD

The Electro Sex Hop Hip Pop Punk Rock Arty Glam Rap Duo from WA, Olympia is two freaky white rapper chicks stopping hearts everywhere. Cindy Wonderful and Sarah Adorable, two gay-symmetrical superheroes, have been spreading their message of fun to hip hoppers and punk rockers all over the world. We are proud to present their latest CD with 11 brand new songs featuring Timezone laFontaine, Seed Verb, Slow T, Meninamandine, Marty Time, April Schief, Blandow Charimium, Nervous, Dunkie Bunglor. 






#019   ALL OR NOTHING H.C "All of these are days of the dead" 7"EP



#018 BRUISE VIOLET "Bruise Violet" 7"EP 




  #017" THE F.A./EVEN WORSE split LP 

Full length split release between two great bands out of Germany. Both of them fit well with the best DIY oriented hardcore bands from Germany from the last few years like HIGHSCORE, DEAN DIRG, SHORT FUSE, THE TANGLED LINES or SHUT THE FUCK UP., THE F.A is coming from Giessen.  Their debut vinyl release contains 6 songs of female fronted hardcore filled with fast tempos with breaks and some heavier parts. The singer used to sing later for the band GLASSES.

 EVEN WORSE's newest release (after debut 7") brings 8 songs , mixing posi-old school HC energy, thrashy fast tempos (unlike DS-13) with some early 80's hcpunk and pissed off songs like "Deutschland verrecke", "Eat your fuckin face off" or "Myspace bores me to death". 100 copies out of first pressing are on limited white vinyl. LP release as a coproduction between Emancypunx Records with Prugelprinz Records and Crucificados Pelo Sistema Records.






#16 "The Razorburns""Ouch!" CD

The Razorburns, formed in early 2006, are known for their ability to get under your skin, stuck in your head, and up your ass. Their music is pop laden, punk based and brainwashing. So don't blame them if these songs get stuck in your head. The band comes from California /USA and features superstar guitarists Dana Muse (The Maids, Blonde Mexicans) and Squeaky (Fabulous Disaster, Girlush Figure) along with their teenage heartthrob bassist Theo Logian (Teenage Harlets, The Dread) and boy toy hard hitting drummer Dave Conrad (Custom Made Scare, Odd Numbers). Guest musicians are Laticia Cortez and Steve Moriarity (The Gits). Their debut record, "OUCH!" was mixed, engineered, and produced by Jack Endino (Nirvana, Mudhoney, L7) at Soundhouse Studios in Seattle.







We are proud to announce a new release made in cooperation of Emancypunx and Keith Grave/Dagger Promotions. This international compilation CD contains all-female and female fronted bands, from melodic punk to fast hardcore. Bands that are on the compilation do come from U.S.A, Europe and Japan: MIND OF ASIAN,ELVIS McMAN, THE FACEFUL, PERROS DEL INFIERNO, DAISY CHAIN, DISASTER PARTY, ASHTRAY, ALL OR NOTHING, MASTER MECHANIC, SPEED KILLS, MANIAC MIRACLES, SPUTTER DOLL, ATTENTAT SONORE, THE BLEEDING HiCKEYS, BABY MONGOOSE, THE STRETCH MARXXX, PAXANE, LORENA & THE BOBBITS and THE RIPLETS.





#014 TRUST "Hardcore Girls" 7"EP


Kicking, fast and positive old school hardcore played by girls from Buenos Aires, Argentina! This is their debut seven inch and it contains six powerful songs. Youthful energy and lots of enthusiasm with songs about animal rights, pro-choice, personal and scene related issues. Some of the members of TRUSTused to play before in the straight edge HC band called VENUS GENETRIXXX, known from "xThe Sisterhoodx" comp. 7". First press on white vinyl, 100 copies out of the first press available as limited edition version (different cover). Support Latin American hardcore!






#013 BEYOND PINK "Jedan Dva, Jebla Te Ja" LP


BEYOND PINK is an all female band from Sweden and after their debut "Cunt-oh-licious" 7" on Cunts On Discount Rec and Lipstick Machinegun Rec, they're back with brand new release: full length LP release on Emancypunx Records called "Jedan dva jebla te ja". It contains 12 songs of fast raging angry hardcore with some melodies and tempo changes fronted by two vocalists. This is definitely something for all those into fast hardcore, as well as riot grrrls sounds and tradition of the 80's swedish hc/punk. Their music reflects how wide influences they have and it makes their music powerful and kicking. Lyrics of BEYOND PINK are  alongside with the music, they reflect anger and critical views on issues like macho/sexistculture, violent dancing, cops, pro-life fundemantalists or corporate capitalism and their financial institutions like WTO and G8. "Jedan Dva, Jebla Te Ja" LP contains 20pgs booklet with lyrics of the band and pics. One out of the 12 songs on the LP is a Misfits coversong. There's limited to 120 copies out of first press of orange vinyl available, only through mailorder.




 #011 JIHEART "Jiheart" MCD (Sold out)


 This band is a first straight edge band hardcore band ever coming from Belarus.

They're very committed in the DIY hardcore punk scene in their country. Music of this

female fronted hardcore band is based on traditional fast old school hardcore with

strongly emotional feel. Their lyrics are very political as political is living in a

authoritarian, non-democratic country like Belarus is, with censorship and state control

on their backs. They're critical towards Belarusian reality and political climate, imperial

wars, (state) terrorism and more. "Jiheart" MCD contains 7 songs in their native language

(english translations are provided). Released as a co-release with some other labels like

Refuse Records, Old Skool Kids Records from Moskow and some others.




#10 DAISY CHAIN "Daisy Chain" CD


Daisy Chain music is based on the tradition of female-fronted punk rock from the late seventies and early eighties. In their sound you can hear the inspiration of punk rock legends like X-Ray Spex or Vice Squad, but their sound is definitely more modern and harder. Daisy Chain are 3 girls - Eddy, Moni, Molle and Steffen active in the punk movement already since ages and all living in the well-known punk and squatter areas Kreuzberg and Prenzlauerberg in Berlin/Germany. If you like powerful female vocals, a true, pissed off, but political "fuck you to society norms" attitude.






Electro punk mixed with new wave and pop performed by the duo: Lady Electra playing keyboard and Katiusza playing distortion bass guitar. The album contains studio recordings of12 songs, two re-mixes and the video-clip "Brutalny erotyzm". Electro punk grrrlz attack! 



Noc Walpurgii okladka


#07 V/A "NOC WALPURGII 1996-2002" CD (sold out)


The CD contains live recordings (!) from the legendary polish anti-sexist anti- homophobic festival Noc Walpurgii. It's a document of the struggle against discrimination within the polish hardcore/punk movement. Here you can find live recordings of bands like Re-Sisters, Post-Regiment, Harum-Scarum, Lady!Die, Duldung, Histeria, Scattergun, Diaspora, Lorena & The Bobbits, Highscore, Piekło Kobiet, Homomilitia, Złodzieje Rowerów, Guernica y Luno, N.K.D and many others.









#008 DISCARGA "Sem remorso" tape


Raging hardcore thrash from Sao Paulo / Brazil. Dark, political lyrics and ultra fast, energetic and well played music.




# 006 X The sisterhood X, 7"EP (sold out)


All-girl straight edge hard core and riot edge compilation with the bands VENUS GENETRIXXX (Argentina), INFECT (Brazil), UNEVEN (France), PRESENCE OF MIND (Germany) and TO SEE YOU BROKEN (USA). In a booklet with 36 pages girls from all over the world did wrote down their thoughts about different subjects important for them. "The X sisterhood X" is a project all done by drug free girls from the hard core punk movement. Straight edge Sisterhood, because we want to learn from each other, about our experiences our differences and the things what unite us. Because we want to share friendship & sisterhood - international & strong. Noisy & powerful! Because hearing other women singing, making music and reading their thoughts or just having fun together is a strongly empowering experience!



#005 HARUM-SCARUM "Suppose we try" tape


This is the tape version of the second full length album of these rioting punk band from Portland Or. (USA). Called an masterpiece of anarchopunk! These girls use their experience with riot grrrl/queerpunk music and mix it up with the energy coming from anarchopunk. In the songs you can hear melodies but also angry, screaming and singing voices. The songs are well arranged and combined with an intelligent and social critic message. All together comes out a totally unique style, which Harum-Scarum can proudly call their own.


#003 HARUM-SCARUM "Mental health" tape


First full length of Harum-Scarum released in time when they also first time toured Europe. On this tape still sings with a growling voice the old singer Erin. All musicians of Harum-Scarum sing the songs, what makes the sound of the record dynamic and

interesting. Also regarding to the fact that the voices are all different. The lyrics threat political themes related to war, state oppression, homophobia and sexism.





All-bois emotive hardcore with influences from bands like Verbal Assault, Apatia. Złodzieje Rowerów became one of the most important polish hardcore punk bands. The lyrics are translated into English, German and Spanish and relate to daily struggle people go trough living in Poland. Political, straight forward, sometimes sad but always giving hope and strength.



#001 V/A "Donna Wetter" compilation tape


75 minutes and 24 pages booklet featuring European all-girl bands from the middle of 90ties. EGIZAN, RE-SISTERS, AKTIFIST, PUNTOG.,ANANDASDECADENZ, KAFFEEKLATSCH, INNOMINEDISCORDIA, VERWIRRTAS, MONEYPULATION, DOLORES, RAMONAS,... This tape was originally compiled by "Rozgore" a label of Re-sisters, which was a radical anachopunk band from Lucern in Switzerland.